Formless Nomad

a way of being

Formless Nomad is an attitude in which you do not conform to one container. You elegantly glide from space to space, box to box. Exploring options, opinions, and ideologies only to gather what instinctually feels truthful. Then moving on like a Nomad to a new understanding of life itself.

Formless Nomad is a way of being.

I hope that those who tread down this pathway or those who already have, continue to explore, and expand their minds.

Who is Natalie Olivo?

My Interests and Passions have always been how our Mind shapes our life. Staying in a mind-set that sustains our lives in a way that feels peaceful, loving, and expansive are goals everyone strives for. How to achieve those goals, on the other hand, comes with many Modalities and practice. You could say I am a Jack of all trades, who has mastered some.

I am a Certified Sound Bath Practitioner, Guided Meditation Teacher, Yogi, and Hypnotist.

I had studied Psychology in College and decided that the Mind-Body connection is of the utmost importance. I have studied and learned various techniques to allow my mind to expand. To grow and create the life you want; you need to be able to get out of the mindset that put you there in the first place. You need to be able to create something new for yourself by expanding on what you deem possible. I am here only as a guide to help you explore as far as you would like to go.

Services to fit your needs.


Meditation is something I have done since I was a young child and the benefits are proven now through research. Your entire life can change just by slowing down and accepting those pesky thoughts. They are just a part of you, but how you look at them and attach to them is all part of the process. Pair Meditation with Hypnosis and you have accelerated your results.


Hypnosis is an act of trust.
You hand me the seeds of your garden, the new life you want to create, and I plant them with my expertise. Together, we will water the seeds until you feel your garden has fully flourished and you no longer need my help.

Sound Baths

I like to call Sound baths Sound Magic, because what happens to your mind and body can only be described as magical. I love facilitating them because I feel the healing vibrations as well. Every sound bowl is tuned to specific frequencies, and they have the power to change the vibrational rate at which your cells are emanating. If the frequency of your cells is off due to stress and other life circumstances, we begin to feel the effects. A Sound Bath can tune your cells back to a vibrant frequency and you can feel the difference immediately.


Oh yoga, you beautiful practice. I’ve practiced yoga on and off since I was a teen. What Yoga has done for me I could never express eloquently enough. When life was hard, yoga brought me out of the depths and back into life. What I can only hope is that I can pass on as much as I can and that it holds your hand through the tough days as much as it held mine.